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Pastoral Council

​The parish Pastoral Council’s purpose is stated in Canon 536. The fundamental activity is rooted in an individual and corporate response to the activity of the Good Shepherd. The concern of each member and of the whole council is the welfare of the entire parish. This is especially true in regard to community, worship and prayer, service, faith formation, and leadership/administration. The council is the primary consultative body to the Pastor in matters that touch the pastoral life of the entire parish.


Sarah Deemer: Chair
​Bob Kimmick
​Anthony Rizzardi
​Sharon Rizzardi
​Debbie Schotting
​Kay Sofranko
​Joe Sostarich
Gerald Andrews
​Joe Adamoski

Finance Council

​The parish Finance Council is a consultative body of the Christian faithful established to advice the pastor in matters pertaining to the financial affairs of the parish. Canon 537 mandates a finance council in each parish. The council is responsible for assisting and advising the parish administration in being accountable and responsible to the people for the temporal affairs of the parish.


​Joseph Adamoski: Chair
Mark Frick
​Sally Hurrianko
​Dennis McManus
Deb Schotting